MARGOT – I’m scared of connections.

   Daniel raises his eyebrows.

MARGOT – In airports.

DANIEL- You’re afraid of flying?

MARGOT – No fear at all of actually being in a plane. Just getting from one

plane to another. Running. Rushing. Trying to figure it out. The not

knowing. Wondering if I’ll make it.

DANIEL- What do you think will happen to you if you don’t make it?

MARGOT – I think… I may get lost. And that I may rot and die in some forgotten, empty terminal that nobody even knows exists.

DANIEL- And you’ll miss your plane.

MARGOT- That’s not really the fear.

DANIEL –So what are you afraid of?

MARGOT- I’m afraid of wondering if I’ll miss it. I don’t like being in between things.I’m afraid of…being afraid.

    He looks at her a long time.

DANIEL- That sounds like the most dangerous thing in the world.

(take this waltz)


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